Yellow Cars Pleased Staff at Walsall Council Will be Paid Living Wage Rate

Yellow Cars Pleased Staff at Walsall Council Will be Paid Living Wage Rate

It’s no joke but from the 1st of April this year council staff in Walsall will receive a pay hike to bring them up to living wage.

Mohammed Hussain, Yellow Cars Manager said, “I’m upbeat to see that a decision was finalised at a recent meeting of the Appointments Committee to raise pay to living wage ranks of £8.25 per hour. It was even better to discover that the vote was unanimous. I believe that level of solidarity did staff and families who are our customers the world of good.”

It’s been reported in local media that Councillor Mike Bird is quoted as saying, “We’re going to follow the living wage yes. We will review it annually as we have to with certain financial situations but it’s only right and proper that we do it. Everybody deserves to be paid the living wage.”

Finally, the Yellow Cars Manager said, “It’s only fair that the people on the front line helping the people of the area are paid a just wage. I’m sure the additional estimated £250,000 in pay rates will come back to the council in other ways with much happier staff in the workplace.”


The award winning Yellow Cars is honoured to celebrate 21 years in business in the West Midlands in 2016. The Mayor of Walsall awarded a Yellow Cars driver for saving the life of an elderly passenger. Here at Yellow Cars we believe in the promise of safety and constant innovation. Just like when we invested in the purchase of state-of-the-art breathalysers which we distributed free of charge to pubs in the community as part of our 2016 road safety drive to keep you and your family safer. Check out our App and our website has further information on how we maintain the highest standards within a regulated profession.


Mohammed Hussain, Manager, Yellow Cars.


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